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We already have one of the sexiest ticket shops in the world, but now we are going to redesign the Stager Backstage (as we call our planning tool). A beautiful design is in the making, and we are now looking for a frontend developer who wants to take Stager and the rest of our team to the next level.

What you will do:

Stager offers plenty of challenges, and because we want to shake the ticketing world with our whole team, you will not be working in a corner translating designs in pixel perfect web pages, but we expect you to help in turning that dream into a reality.
  • You will translate a customer request posed in the helpdesk, a captured phrase at the ticket desk of a festival and your own experience in a super-user-friendly interface.
  • The one time you’ll work on small improvements that immediately affect sales rates for our customers, and the next time you dive into building a dynamic planboard in React;
  • You believe that a multitude of information can be presented simply and conveniently;
  • You know how to implement the new corporate identity in a tasteful way within a new virtual backstage of about 300 stages, clubs and festivals;

Your skills:

  • You know exactly how you can entice users with a sleek design to check out a new feature;
  • You are more than familiar with the Chrome dev tools.
  • Your know when you have to use a library and when you don’t and you know when you really do not need javascript because it is possible with CSS;
  • And you can use a REST API to turn your data into beautiful graphs;
  • You are familiar with Git and into Scrumming, and you would like to do something with React or maybe you already have experience with it ;-)

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Knowledge we find very important:

  • Responsive design & UX
  • JavaScript (ES6), NPM & Webpack
  • JavaScript frameworks zoals React, Vue of Angular
  • CSS frameworks zoals SASS en Less
  • CSS methodologies zoals BEM
  • Styled components

Bonus points for:

Being familiar with the culture / entertainment scene, understand that when we talk about a scanning, we do not mean that you digitize papers. You can have a favorite specialty beer and do not have to shy away from a game of ping pong. If you actively go to meetups, have an affinity with open source and you like to dive into privacy and security issues, then you are our man / woman.

What do we have to offer you?

  • A place in a scale-up in a more than exciting phase;
  • A creative work environment in which you can think along and participate in all aspects;
  • Free choice for the technology you use;
  • A company laptop;
  • Our headquarters are located right next to the Central Station, overlooking the Biergarten Rotterdam and we also like to visit our customers on a working trip ;-)
  • We have an open culture where we work hard and play hard.
  • Every month you’ll receive a financial contribution on your bank account, of course.

Let us know who you are, what you can do and why you want to work at Stager.

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