Refund or donate.

The events sector has been hard hit by the Corona crisis. Some events organizers may not survive the blow. Ticket buyers can support the organizers during this difficult time by waiving, or requesting a partial refund of the purchase amount. In this way we can ensure that we can all party and enjoy life again, after Corona.

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How will this work?

Stager has developed the Refund or Donate tool. When an event has been moved or cancelled, the organizer must first facilitate a refund request for tickets for this event. As a ticket buyer, you can then access the Refund or Donate tool through the button below, where you enter the barcode of your ticket.

When you have purchased a valid ticket via Stager for an event for which tickets can be refunded, you can use our form. In this form you can indicate whether you want to receive back the full amount, part of the ticket price, or your donation of the entire purchase amount.


When do I get my money back?

The organizer confirms until what date a refund can be requested. Once confirmed, Stager’s administration will be instructed to provide the refund. In some cases, the organizer will still transfer money to Stager's account. In total, this process can take several weeks.

If you have any further questions about your refund, please contact the organizer of the event and put us ( in the cc: of your email.

Important to mention

    • Only valid tickets purchased online are accepted by our Refund or Donate tool. For a refund of hard copy presale tickets, please contact the event organizer.
    • Organizers can indicate whether they want to refund the entire purchase amount (ticket price + service costs) or whether they only refund the ticket price so that they can cover all payment and refund costs with the service costs.
    • It is possible that an organizer marks their tickets in our system as blocked or refunded. If this is the case, you cannot request a refund. Please contact the organizer.
    • Tickets purchased through TicketSwap will not be accepted by us for refund. Please contact TicketSwap for this.
    • You can specify the amount you wish to receive back per ticket only once. After this, the ticket is automatically blocked.
    • You can only request one refund per ticket. If you have purchased multiple tickets, you must enter this refund individually, per ticket.

    We’re in this together.

    We encourage our customers (the organizers of events for which you have bought tickets), to inform you as clearly as possible. If you have any questions about rescheduled events or cancellations, please contact the organizer. You can send a reply to the ticket download email. If you run into problems while requesting a refund, please contact us at or via the chat.

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