First Aid for ticket buyers.

You bought a ticket from one of our clients but there’s a problem or you have a question. We will try our best to help you in any way we can and answer your questions on this page. Some problems will have to be referred to the event organizer as we are just the technical party that provides the ticket sales system.

You haven't received your ticket

Your bank statement says that you paid for the tickets, but you haven't received an email with a download button in your inbox. You can use the link below to have the system send your tickets again. Please check your spam box first, the email may be in there.

You received the wrong tickets

During the payment process, you accidentally paid for the wrong tickets. If you bought tickets for the wrong event, then we will have to refer you to the event organizer. They decide whether your tickets can be exchanged.

Your tickets are untraceable

Perhaps you downloaded your tickets after you had paid for them or you received an email with a download link, but you can’t find them anywhere. Go to the “Lost Tickets” page and have the system send you the tickets again to the email address you provided.

Printed tickets or on your smartphone?

Most ticket scanning devices can scan a code on a smartphone, so you don't always need to print your ticket. And it's also better for the environment, of course. If the organizer prefers to work with printed tickets, then this will be indicated explicitly.

You are unable to attend

We regularly hear that people are unable to attend the event due to personal circumstances. As the ticketing provider, we can’t refund purchased tickets. Please contact the event organizer, give your tickets to a lucky friend, or sell your tickets via TicketSwap.

Questions about the event

We are generally well-informed about all the fun events that are organized with Stager, but we can't answer questions about the program, the location, accessibility, etc. For such questions, you will have to contact the event organizer.

Personalized tickets

You ordered multiple tickets but all tickets state the name of the person who finalized the order. This is hardly ever a problem. The organizer always explicitly indicates when only personalized tickets are sold.

Problem with downloading tickets

Thousands of tickets a day are downloaded through our system without any problem, so there's a likely chance that the problem lies with your device. Try to download the ticket on another computer, tablet, or phone. Or you can use another internet browser.

Invoice for your own administration

You can use the ticket as an invoice when you want to enter the costs for visiting the event into your administration or if you want to get costs reimbursed. The ticket is a valid proof of payment that states all the required information.

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