Your tickets will be sent.

Our system checks whether tickets were purchased with the provided email address and will then send the download email again. If you placed multiple orders via our system you will also receive multiple emails. So check your mailbox! 

If you haven't received an email, then we will need to check why something went wrong. You can find some possible causes and solutions below.

Wait fifteen minutes

Our mail server may be busy and is unable to send the email straight away. While you wait, have a drink, play some music and put out the rubbish.

Multiple email addresses

Perhaps you have multiple email addresses and you used another address for ordering the tickets. Try again with your other email address.

Download via your account

Ticket buyers can download their tickets again via the Stager account of the organizer. Go to and replace ‘organisation’ by the name of the organizer. You may have to request a (new) password!

Check your spam box

Our email may have landed in your spam box. Check this box to see if it’s in there and, while you're at it, add to the list of approved senders.

Orders via Facebook

Tickets ordered via the Facebook login are often ordered with old email addresses. You can log in again with your Facebook account with the organizer and download the tickets. Go to and replace ‘organisation’ by the name of the organizer.

Typo in the email address

We would love to help you but Stager is not authorized to modify personal details in the systems used by organizers. You will have to contact the event organizer to have them change your email address.

Full mailbox

We regularly get “mailbox quota exceeded” notifications. That means that your mailbox is full. Many providers require that you log in to your mailbox via the browser to see whether you have reached the limit. This is often called your ‘webmail’ account.

Empty ticket

When your tickets are blocked, we will not send you another download email, of course. But it is possible that you find an empty ticket via an old download link. In that case, the organizer has invalidated the ticket. Please contact the organizer by replying to the download email.

No access to your mailbox

Unfortunately, we can't help you if you can't access your mailbox. We are not allowed to send tickets to another email address. When you face this problem, it's best to send an email to the event organizer. They may be able to identify you at the door with your ID or change the email address.

You haven’t managed to reclaim your tickets?

Start a chat

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